In retained executive search, BSA has the advantage of few conflicts to manage. In an increasingly concentrated industry, "off-limits" restrictions at large search firms are a significant impediment to approaching candidates -- it is only logical, and results in you, perhaps, NOT seeing the best possible candidates. BSA will also accept a team lift-out assignment. We have helped firms search for teams to expand their investment platforms, and as well, in certain instances have helped very qualified teams to find new platforms to leverage their expertise.

As to strategic business consulting, we know the types of projects we will undertake, and perhaps more importantly, we know our limits. Undertaking any sort of strategic project is vitally important to your firm -- you deserve professional service that dovetails to your goals, not the other way around. We understand this. At BSA, we are consultants at our core -- well rounded in skill sets, flexible in our approach and always goal focused.

With respect to acquisition assistance, many of the "larger investment banks" are simply not in tune with your marketplace. "Financial engineering" or creating "exciting potential return profiles" which tend to drive investment banking engagements should always take a back seat to good chemistry among combining entities which is the most important element of a successful transaction. We understand this and approach every such assignment with this sort of vision.

As experienced consultants, we have a well developed network of other professionals who we will seek out from time to time in an effort to match resources to the size of the task without loading an engagement with expensive overhead. You can rest assured that we will always seek out the most cost-effective path to a solution.